Breaking of Mahagathbandhan

The high end drama in Bihar is CM Nitish Kumar stumped both RJD and Congress to tender his resignation from the CM post. Overnight he got support of BJP who earlier offered the outside support to JDU government but have decided to join the government. If  Nitish kumar is said to have  followed his conscience  though apparently he conveniently allowed himself to distance  him away from “Mahagatbandhan” based on issue of corruption which is actually a narrative scripted by BJP. The 2015 results were most definite rebuff to the Modi wave and projected Nitish as an alternate to Modi in 2019 elections. So the center must be pleased to see how a good use of CBI and enforcement directorate has paid such fast dividends by getting back to power through back channels. The people of Bihar have actually voted against the divisive politics of BJP and Nitish too advocated for the secular front. So this is unprincipled arrangement between Nitish kumar and BJP and is definitely an opportunistic maneuver. Nitish also ignored the aspect that the mandate he got was against communal politics followed by many and it was RJD which got much more seats than his own JDU under aggressive campaign of Mr Yadav only. The drama of sacrificing his CM chair in the interest of probity and under influence of his concise can be countered by asking a question that all these corruption charges are decades old and Nitish was very much aware of all this before stitching the  JDU-RJD-CONG alliance. Besides this many top BJP leaders are facing much severe corruption charges but yet clinging to power. People know that  most charges are politically motivated and the investigative agencies are effectively used to settle scores and threaten to follow in line or else face the crises  . As per the latest news Ali Anwar the JDU MP has openly come against  this decision of Nitish.  There are reports of others too not in agreement with  Nitish decision including Sharad Yadav as during the meeting of JDU many legislatures opposed the idea of breaking ties with the RJD.  So only time will tell what will happen to this home coming and new political alliance as the fact is that Bihar voted against them.  With total strength of 107 RJD cong it will not be smooth sailing for Nitish to have normal proceedings in the assembly as any corruption charges against his MLAs will be aggressively used as a tool to unsettle his new government..