Naz and Gulnawaz : Dubai Court Case

dduabi courtsUnlike the situation here in India and Pakistan the two communities live in perfect harmony with each other in the gulf region and especially in UAE. If you happen to travel by taxi  driven by Pakistani driver and  manage to talk to them and ask about their families back in Pakistan then they become so emotional that they call you “Bhaizaan” and refuse to take any money. On the contrary any other cab driver may take longer route just to ensure inflated bill.

This particular incident is about a legal battle my friend fought with his company. The purpose of story is to make people aware about harmonious relationship between the people of two nationalities and also make people aware of the kind of language one need to use in front of the Judges who mostly understand only few lines in English.

The labor cases are decided in barely two weeks time and mostly in favor of the employee . After this there has to be intimation given to the Arab owner of your company through newspaper and it has to be done twice. The real challenge is what you speak in front of the Judge when you appear in front of him after case is decided in your favor.  The trick of the language  was shared by Naz and Gulnawaaj the two  Pakistani security guard stationed outside the Judge’s chamber   who felt pity on my friend and guided him to utter these words in front of the Judge.

The Golden words were ” Cancel my Visa ” . Earlier my friend was always asking the Judge get him his dues fast but since Judges barely understand English they are only misguided by their interpreters who are mostly Indians and never want settlement fast and often meet the people outside the court and ask for money in lieu of quick settlement .

But The Judges understand “Cancel my Visa”   and here too the Judge understood that my friend want visa to be cancelled so that he could go back to India and come back on fresh employment visa. Now as per the Dubai law in case any employee is struck in Dubai because of non payment of dues then the entire business transactions of the Arab owner of his company is stopped and they have to pay all dues as soon as possible.  So that very evening the Arab owner called my friend and felt sorry for all the delay. One more important information was shared by two angels from pakistan that never to give your passport to any one and even to Arab owner as they will tear it away and you will lose all your identity.

So My friend got all his dues with in 48 hours including the ticket to fly back home and this all happened because of Naaz and Gulnawaaj . I am sure they must have helped many expat working in Dubai  this way. Please do share this story as it is very useful for all expat population working in the Gulf region .