Naz and Gulnawaz : Dubai Court Case

dduabi courtsUnlike the situation here in India and Pakistan the two communities live in perfect harmony with each other in the gulf region and especially in UAE. If you happen to travel by taxi  driven by Pakistani driver and  manage to talk to them and ask about their families back in Pakistan then they become so emotional that they call you “Bhaizaan” and refuse to take any money. On the contrary any other cab driver may take longer route just to ensure inflated bill.

This particular incident is about a legal battle my friend fought with his company. The purpose of story is to make people aware about harmonious relationship between the people of two nationalities and also make people aware of the kind of language one need to use in front of the Judges who mostly understand only few lines in English.

The labor cases are decided in barely two weeks time and mostly in favor of the employee . After this there has to be intimation given to the Arab owner of your company through newspaper and it has to be done twice. The real challenge is what you speak in front of the Judge when you appear in front of him after case is decided in your favor.  The trick of the language  was shared by Naz and Gulnawaaj the two  Pakistani security guard stationed outside the Judge’s chamber   who felt pity on my friend and guided him to utter these words in front of the Judge.

The Golden words were ” Cancel my Visa ” . Earlier my friend was always asking the Judge get him his dues fast but since Judges barely understand English they are only misguided by their interpreters who are mostly Indians and never want settlement fast and often meet the people outside the court and ask for money in lieu of quick settlement .

But The Judges understand “Cancel my Visa”   and here too the Judge understood that my friend want visa to be cancelled so that he could go back to India and come back on fresh employment visa. Now as per the Dubai law in case any employee is struck in Dubai because of non payment of dues then the entire business transactions of the Arab owner of his company is stopped and they have to pay all dues as soon as possible.  So that very evening the Arab owner called my friend and felt sorry for all the delay. One more important information was shared by two angels from pakistan that never to give your passport to any one and even to Arab owner as they will tear it away and you will lose all your identity.

So My friend got all his dues with in 48 hours including the ticket to fly back home and this all happened because of Naaz and Gulnawaaj . I am sure they must have helped many expat working in Dubai  this way. Please do share this story as it is very useful for all expat population working in the Gulf region .


Breaking of Mahagathbandhan

The high end drama in Bihar is CM Nitish Kumar stumped both RJD and Congress to tender his resignation from the CM post. Overnight he got support of BJP who earlier offered the outside support to JDU government but have decided to join the government. If  Nitish kumar is said to have  followed his conscience  though apparently he conveniently allowed himself to distance  him away from “Mahagatbandhan” based on issue of corruption which is actually a narrative scripted by BJP. The 2015 results were most definite rebuff to the Modi wave and projected Nitish as an alternate to Modi in 2019 elections. So the center must be pleased to see how a good use of CBI and enforcement directorate has paid such fast dividends by getting back to power through back channels. The people of Bihar have actually voted against the divisive politics of BJP and Nitish too advocated for the secular front. So this is unprincipled arrangement between Nitish kumar and BJP and is definitely an opportunistic maneuver. Nitish also ignored the aspect that the mandate he got was against communal politics followed by many and it was RJD which got much more seats than his own JDU under aggressive campaign of Mr Yadav only. The drama of sacrificing his CM chair in the interest of probity and under influence of his concise can be countered by asking a question that all these corruption charges are decades old and Nitish was very much aware of all this before stitching the  JDU-RJD-CONG alliance. Besides this many top BJP leaders are facing much severe corruption charges but yet clinging to power. People know that  most charges are politically motivated and the investigative agencies are effectively used to settle scores and threaten to follow in line or else face the crises  . As per the latest news Ali Anwar the JDU MP has openly come against  this decision of Nitish.  There are reports of others too not in agreement with  Nitish decision including Sharad Yadav as during the meeting of JDU many legislatures opposed the idea of breaking ties with the RJD.  So only time will tell what will happen to this home coming and new political alliance as the fact is that Bihar voted against them.  With total strength of 107 RJD cong it will not be smooth sailing for Nitish to have normal proceedings in the assembly as any corruption charges against his MLAs will be aggressively used as a tool to unsettle his new government..

Donald Trump considering Presidential pardons for family and aides ?

trumpSenator Mark Warner has finally spoken about disturbing fact that US President was in discussion with his legal team on possibilities of pardoning his family, aides and even himself in case of any implication in a probe spearheaded by Former FBI Director Robert Mueller on Russian interfering in last year’s Presidential election. The investigation though in preliminary stage is trying to find out if there was any coordination between Russia and people who worked for making Trump campaign successful. It is alleged that Trump’s family including is son and son in law have played a significant role along with Russia in fixing up the last years Presidential elections.

For the obvious reasons the White House has Vehemently denied the  though  The Washington Post mentioned several sources inside the Trump team as saying the president wanted to clear his name. One source said that Trump just want to understand his powers and limitations of the ongoing probe. Trump has in fact warned Mueller against investigating financial deals of his company which are unrelated to Russia. According to Trump it is only a witch hunt and could be politically motivated where investigation team members are influenced by Democrats . White House aide K. Conway said that is within one fundamental right to fight all the  allegations and besides this  it is only fair to expose any probable conflicts of interest of investigators in the team of Mueller as some team members have earlier been associated with Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and former US  president Barack Obama.

Only time will tell how far the news is correct and what will eventually come out of it but any such move initiated by the Mighty US President Trump will definitely have repercussion all over the world with people in power trying to bend rules to suit their purpose and their nefarious designs to hook to power at any cost.

Indian politicians must be keeping close tap on the turn of events though here in India shoddy investigation by police, delay in framing charges, witnesses turning hostile and long legal process in a way ensures pardon to all politicians in power or in opposition. In case there is water tight case and no way to escape then they  play caste card and try to project them as victims of political witch hunt and suppression by a particular community or the other.

Trump is at least trying to do if he is doing all that legally and weigh all options but here in India the entire system is such that the culprits get pardoned easily or the case carries on till many decades. Look at the numbers of politicians who are facing criminal charges and still enjoying high offices.  And not only that the political rhetoric used by them on and off and especially during election campaigns is so convincing that many of them are voted back to power. Such is sorry state of affairs in India

Political Rhetoric

Most Indians are in state of dilemma these days as given the political rhetoric consume most of the news time and also cloud the mind of people. The hypocrisy of Political parties is touching new heights and the policy is to propagate a lie so many times at different platforms that eventually people take it as a truth. I was appalled by a senior parliamentarian and seasoned politician who claimed he got the information of qualification of another eminent political figure from a reputed foreign university. The truth is that even your family member cannot get any information pertaining to you from any Indian university unless you give them authority letter. The one is misrule of 70 years by a prominent political party family where India did not achieve sufficient growth. Even by simple calculation the said family ruled India for around 38 years only Nehru (16 and half years Indira Gandhi 17 years and Rajiv Gandhi 5 years). Even if we count the tenure of UPA 1 and UPA 2, it sums up to 48 years only. Now UPA 1 was a good government given the fact that people gave the single largest party more seats in UPA 2 (a rise from 145 to 206 seats) and according to current scenario be it US elections or Indian states election voted back to power suggests you did tremendous work. So applying same logic Nehru was twice voted back to power so how can we out rightly condemn his rule as people never voted him out of power. If Nehru is accused of sidelining prominent political figures like Sardar Patel and others then we should reflect the current scene where it is just dictatorial rule of a single person and how the old experienced politicians are reduced to mere Margdarshak Mandal. Also history has record of people indulging in bloody wars to dethrone others and propel them further to become kings. So lust of power does corrupt people and no one is exception to it. Also in case of Indira Gandhi one can not forget the Bangladesh freedom which Indian forces managed in 17  days. Even mighty US with concept of total annihilation through areal attacks could not win Iraq in several months of war. India did vote her back to power twice.  India is strongest democracy where a farmer, a linguistic expert, an economist and even a Chai Wala could become the Prime Minister. Taking a dialogue from a Film that only in India it can happen this way that a Roman Catholic made way for a Sikh to be the Prime minister and the oath was given by a Muslim President. So we did get a strong secular and powerful India and did not become a failed state like Pakistan whose foundation was based on religion. No points to those to guess who made that all possible. And yes a neighboring country Nepal was once upon a time a Hindu state and we all know the state of affairs even now.

Tug of War Between India and China

tug of warFor many decades India has faced many issues because of expansionist policies of China which has border and control of sea issue with almost all its neighbors. Both India and China are emerging economies and are comparable in my ways including population and the fact that both are ancient civilizations. The intelligentsia in the country and elsewhere even suggested that India should follow the economic policies of China. Many condemn the idea as both are very different countries. India is a vibrant democracy and a secular country where any ordinary citizen can get the chance to be part of political set up and rise to highest corridors of power. Absolute freedom to press and individuals to express their viewpoints against or in favor of the government is hall mark of our democratic set up. China on the other hand is ruled by Communist party where there is no freedom of such kind to its citizens; the international press only gets state released news. Any attempt by the people to seek democracy is brutally suppressed as it happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 where more than 2000 people were allegedly killed under army tanks and heavy gun fire by the police on protesting students.

The envious economic surge by China is the result of the new economic policies introduced in 1978. Though still many industries are state owned yet the private sector now contribute significantly to the overall GDP of China. The extravaganza   of Beijing Olympics in 2008 very much proved the overall might of China and also how their inherent traits of hiding the truth enabled them to cover-up all slums and that famous firecrackers show during closing ceremony was actually a technology demonstrator. To further propel its desire to be seen as a super power China has been investing in many countries and especially those that surround India.  They are making ports almost at all strategic positions to protect sea routes and other marine interests. Chinese are building up massive infrastructure in terms of roads railways, high speed bullet train network, roads in otherwise inaccessible remote areas. Besides this they spend a lot in building up massive defense forces to intimidate its neighbors and Claim all disputed area be it on land or in the sea to be theirs.

On the other hand India is famous for under invoicing and has its own challenges in terms of economic diversity and growing gap between rich and the poor. More than 200 districts of India are affected by Naxal outfits and government end up spending millions of rupees to fight out the Naxal movement. Only very tiny population pay taxes and corruption is seen as the necessary evil. Though to counter balance the regional hegemony of China India is working closely with Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and developing good relations with Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan and in Tajikistan Indian maintains a base. India has invested in Sittwe port in Myanmar to counter Chinese investment in Dawei port. India has better Space program than China and no wonder very soon India is going to capture huge market share in terms of launching satellites at much cheaper rates than western launch vehicles.

India just needs to be a bit more tactful, proactive in approach, work towards building up good relations with all the countries and should aggressively work towards protecting its legacy and cultural heritage. Rather than blindly follow the west India should build on its core strengths and believe the fact that there are still many takers of the Indian philosophy of love and spirituality.

India and China: Two Asian Giants

imagesBoth China and India house nearly 40 percent of approximately 7.5 billion of population worldwide and their combined economic might is 20 percent of GDP of all countries and clocking more than 7 percent of growth since several past years though western economies are growing at much lesser rate so no wonders the economic relationship between the two Asian Giants is very vibrant and yet prone to many pitfalls. The tug of war type of situation often rises due to certain deliberate infiltrations on the border by Chinese army and then subtle reaction by Indian forces followed by statements by leaders of both the countries.

The Growth of China is phenomenal which began under the rule of Deng Xiaoping in 1978 who introduced new market principles bringing agricultural reforms, inviting FDIs and permission for people to start businesses result of which is that private companies now contribute to 70 percent of GDP of China. West is definitely wary of the clout China is exercising in the Entire Asia and its continuous endeavor to build upon its regional hegemony to the International level including control on South China Sea and even part of Indian Ocean. In comparison to this the growth of India is seen as benign but steady. The economic liberalization began in 1991 when GDP per capita was mere $330 which now is approximately $1750 and still growing. It is almost certain that west especially US is supporting India so as to counter regional hegemony of China lest it graduate to super power sooner than later

The recent standoff between the two is because of road being built by China in the region which Bhutan claims to be part of their kingdom and they asked India to protect them. The root cause lies in construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor at the estimated cost of $50 billion which passes through the disputed territory (i.e. legally owned by India) of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Thus India accuses China of being insensitive towards the issue of sovereignty of India

In spite of all this India-China bilateral trade has grown many fold where Export from China grew by 500 % in last decade where as export from India grew by Just 25 percent. No wonder 50 5 of trade deficit of India is with Just one country that is China. Thus both countries should go by amicable approach and ensure further growth in mutual trade and also decrease the trade deficit between the two economies by working on sectors of Tourism and infrastructure.

Any delay in mending the ties will adversely affect the growth of both the countries which is on the down slide as per the recent statistical figures. It will also give chance to western countries to use this as a tool to prop up India against China and keep them occupied in building up defense at the cost of economic reforms. After all both countries maintain vast armies and to keep large army contingents at NEFA and Siachen Glacier does cost billions of dollars. And old saying of Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai is more relevant in the contemporary era