Political Rhetoric

Most Indians are in state of dilemma these days as given the political rhetoric consume most of the news time and also cloud the mind of people. The hypocrisy of Political parties is touching new heights and the policy is to propagate a lie so many times at different platforms that eventually people take it as a truth. I was appalled by a senior parliamentarian and seasoned politician who claimed he got the information of qualification of another eminent political figure from a reputed foreign university. The truth is that even your family member cannot get any information pertaining to you from any Indian university unless you give them authority letter. The one is misrule of 70 years by a prominent political party family where India did not achieve sufficient growth. Even by simple calculation the said family ruled India for around 38 years only Nehru (16 and half years Indira Gandhi 17 years and Rajiv Gandhi 5 years). Even if we count the tenure of UPA 1 and UPA 2, it sums up to 48 years only. Now UPA 1 was a good government given the fact that people gave the single largest party more seats in UPA 2 (a rise from 145 to 206 seats) and according to current scenario be it US elections or Indian states election voted back to power suggests you did tremendous work. So applying same logic Nehru was twice voted back to power so how can we out rightly condemn his rule as people never voted him out of power. If Nehru is accused of sidelining prominent political figures like Sardar Patel and others then we should reflect the current scene where it is just dictatorial rule of a single person and how the old experienced politicians are reduced to mere Margdarshak Mandal. Also history has record of people indulging in bloody wars to dethrone others and propel them further to become kings. So lust of power does corrupt people and no one is exception to it. Also in case of Indira Gandhi one can not forget the Bangladesh freedom which Indian forces managed in 17  days. Even mighty US with concept of total annihilation through areal attacks could not win Iraq in several months of war. India did vote her back to power twice.  India is strongest democracy where a farmer, a linguistic expert, an economist and even a Chai Wala could become the Prime Minister. Taking a dialogue from a Film that only in India it can happen this way that a Roman Catholic made way for a Sikh to be the Prime minister and the oath was given by a Muslim President. So we did get a strong secular and powerful India and did not become a failed state like Pakistan whose foundation was based on religion. No points to those to guess who made that all possible. And yes a neighboring country Nepal was once upon a time a Hindu state and we all know the state of affairs even now.

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